StellarReg is a on-line registration system that utilizes program management software with secure Internet interface and 128 bit encryption. This valuable service is offered to our meeting management clients as well as those seeking independent assistance with on-line registration.


What sets us apart from the competition?

The answer is simple: personalized service for on-line registration.  StellarReg includes special attention from a team member who is dedicated to meeting a client’s needs. We do far more than process data— we listen to our clients and provide solutions.


This includes value added features—at no extra charge—such as:

  • Toll free number for registration questions.
  • Dedicated email box ( or other chosen name) for registration questions (response guaranteed within one business day). If preferred, mail may be sent to another address and forwarded to the Stellar Events e−mail system.
  • Final document mailing to all attendees, including confirmation letters and any program materials provided by client.  This may done electronically or by postal/courier service.


And, because every program has different requirements, our clients are never restricted by cookie−cutter templates and limitations. Each project is individually evaluated and tailored to match your needs.


What reports and features are available?

A few of the numerous reports available include:

  • Hotel rooming list (includes communicating all room list changes to hotel)

  • Attendee list sorted by type, region or other requested category

  • Projected attendance for all meal functions

  • Projected attendance for all meetings

  • Arrival/departure manifests

  • Activity choices, including tracking golf handicaps, rental requests, etc.

  • Banquet table assignments

  • Collection reports: sorted by numerous criteria

Useful features include:

  • Confirmation letters: available by email or mail merge
  • Email blasts
  • Tickets
  • Table assignments: random or selected
  • Roommate pairings 

 Where is the registration hosted?

Registrants are seamlessly transferred from the client’s site to for secure registration. If preferred, attendees may register directly at with password access.


How are fees collected?

Our registration services include collection of conference fees by credit card or check through a secure server. StellarReg tracks these funds and offers numerous collection report options.


What about Frequently Asked Questions?

In conjunction with on−line registration, Stellar Events also offers cost−effective webpage development to provide attendees with meeting details and answers to frequently asked questions. These custom pages provide strong program identity along with useful links to destination information.


What’s the best way to plan a vendor/supplier show?

In addition, we have an outstanding system that provides “real time” booth assignments for vendor/supplier shows. For additional information, contact us, and we will provide access to view a demonstration.