Site   Selection   Services


Stellar Events can help you find the best possible site and negotiate the best possible contact – and this service is complimentary.     No, this isn’t too good to be true:  the contracted hotel is happy to pay us commission,  and we are delighted to assist you.  Services and benefits include:


Site Search

  • Stellar Events is a “major national account” of the primary hotel chains. This assures rapid response and special consideration from all queried properties.
  • Our network of relationships, which has developed over many years of industry experience, offers intangible benefits—we are hospitality “insiders” and know where to find properties that best fit our clients’ needs
  • Our current knowledge base includes not only the newest and most exciting properties, but also includes insight into which properties are wrong for your guests due to lack of recent renovations or location problems.
  • In addition, we are aware of independent and smaller properties that might otherwise be overlooked. These “outside the box” sites may offer the greatest value.  

 Site Inspection

  • If a site inspection is desired, Stellar Events will arrange all details, including transportation, accommodations, and meetings with key hotel personnel. We will plan off−property activities or visits to venues that are relevant to the meeting. Complimentary services will be negotiated whenever possible.

  • A Stellar Events representative will escort the site inspection on request. Client will be billed for actual costs such as transportation and on−site expenses.

  Contract Development and Negotiations


  • Stellar Events’ expertise in contract development ensures that your meeting space needs will be satisfied, and your room block will be accurate. Every condition will be negotiated as favorably as possible.


Negotiation points include, but are not limited to:


  • Attrition
  • Cancellation clause
  • Deposit dates and credit terms
  • Food & beverage guarantees
  • “Drop” dates
  • Suite upgrades
  • Waiver of meeting room rental charges
  • Staff room rates
  • Access time for meeting set-up
  • Pre & post rate guarantees
  • VIP amenities
  • Complimentary room policy



We are proud of our success in negotiating additional concessions such as those affecting possible construction, hotel name/ownership change, and “walk” policy.


For meetings that do not involve sleeping rooms, our site selection services are available for an hourly consulting fee.

We offer reduced rates for on−line registration services when Stellar Events is named as the “agent of record” for hotel contracts. 

  Client Testimonials


  • “Our two meeting sites were outstanding and I have had positive feedback from the attendees.  The Balboa Bay Club in particular was truly wonderful and the meeting was a great success.  One manager told me today it was the best one ever!


I have recommended you to two of our managers and I'm sure they will contact you for future events.”


Western Region, Medtronic USA, Inc.  


  • Yes, I received the good news shortly after my e-mail to you. I issued a sigh of relief.


It makes me feel very good to know (and that the Hilton Cancun knows too) that even after the contract has been executed, you and Hilton National are still interested in making sure my needs are being met.”


Haskel International, Inc.